Monday, September 19, 2011

Crewlet Visit - September

These crewlet photos are from a week ago, because I didn't have time to get around to them until now. The white stains are actually on the mirror, not on the sweater. This sweater is quite thick and made of 100% lambswool. It didn't feel itchy, which was a pleasant surprise. I don't see it on the website yet, but it should appear shortly, I am guessing. At $108, though, I found it a bit overpriced. It only looks good all done up, in my opinion, as you can tell from the photos.

The skirt I am trying on is a new pencil skirt size 2, rose colour. The fabric is a 70/30 mix of wool/viscose, while the lining is 100% acetate. The top is a silk white polka dot on a navy background, size XS. This is a smaller size than I normally take in tops.

Factory Pencil Skirt (similar here or here)
Factory Polka Dot Top (similar here or here and long-sleeved here or here)

Winter's coming, so I thought I'd look at this Factory Lodge Puffer Vest. It's size XS and warm taupe colour. I would normally take S in this type of outerwear, but this one runs large.

Factory Lodge Puffer Vest (similar colour here and a pink one here or here)

And here's the Factory Wool Sasha Peacoat. It fits identically to the one I got last year in warm taupe, but the one I have at home feels softer.

Lastly, the Factory Gilded Tweed Jacket. I think I recall seeing this fabric last year. It is a blend of wool/polyester/acrylic/other fibres. It could have been done better with a different fabric, since this one doesn't keep its shape nicely. It is not worth the price tag, in my opinion But then, the factory items seldom are.

Have you been to the crewlet lately? What did you think?

Hope you are having a great beginning of the week!


  1. Love the neckline of that wool sweater!

  2. I think I need some crewlet pencil skirts in my life to help build my collection!

  3. Love these pieces, but a bit overpriced for the factory store.


  4. So the Crewlet has the same designs but cheaper fabrics? I've never heard of the sort of thing before.

  5. I'm not sold on the J Crew Factory stuff. I did buy the wool pencil skirt in a pretty moss green color, but it doesn't fit quite as well as the regular J Crew's do. I think it's pretty much hit or miss, and I really don't understand the high price tags for the inferior fabrics and cuts of so many of the factory things. I'm just bitter, I think, because I don't have a JC near me, but I do have an outlet and I wish it were better!

  6. Jess: I loved it all zipped up!

    Lisa: a bit cheaper than the regular store pencil skirts, but still too pricey, in my opinion!

    Lauren: totally agree. Thanks for visiting!

    T.: most often, yes. On occasion they have identical fabrics (silk, cotton tops/bloused), but for wool items the content of wool is much smaller than in the regular store.

    Sue: I found the fit to be identical for the pencil skirts on me. The high price tags is baffling to me too.

  7. Thanks for sharing! I'm really liking the puffy vest. J. Crew always has them, and I'm always wanting them - one of these years I'm going to break down and get one :P



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