Monday, September 5, 2011

Black Lace

Black Lace
Black Lace by rose80

J. Crew Lace Blouson Dress (more black lace dresses here or here)
J. Crew Merino Cielo Ruffle Cardigan (similar in heather acorn here or a longer one here)
J. Crew Julienne Suede Heels (similar on burnt sienna here or warm sienna here)
J. Crew Marissa Crystal Cuff (similar here or here)
J. Crew Multi-Stud & Crystal Belt (similar here or here)
Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne (get it here or here)

Summer has decided to come around these parts, finally. High temperatures have been announced for this week.

Happy Labour Day, everyone!


  1. Love love love this look. The mix of brown and black is one of my favorite styles. And the dress is to die for! Thanks for sharing, super inspirational1

    Happy labor day!

  2. I'm sure this outfit looks fabulous on you! I love the combination of caramel with black for fall.

  3. Summer finally arrives and I'm SICK! Urgh! You look great, love the ladylike dress/cardi outfit :)

  4. Lauren: thank you very much. I love that dress too! Hope you had a good day off!

    Louise: thank you. Love caramel. (Even my dining room chairs are that colour). :D

    CC: Sorry to read you are sick! It's no fun, and hope you'll get better soon. Thank you. :)

  5. Your weather is as whacky as ours. Oh yes, the caramel is really lovely with black, I love those two together.

  6. T.: They are talking 30 degrees C this week. Unreal! Thank you!

  7. LOVE IT! And love it with the belt too!


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