Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Banana Republic New Arrivals

I am surprised the website doesn't keep up with the store. The top below is not showing up on the site yet. It is item #883937, and it's lovely. BR has done a number of lace tops this year, one nicer than the next. My favourite from a previous rollout is the Lace Overlay Shell, currently on sale, and I believe this one is even nicer than that.  I loved the back buttons detail (no more exposed zippers!) and the light colour acetate lining underneath:

The skirt I am trying it with is the Dayna Sequin Skirt size 2. This is a lovely boucle fabric with sequins all over. It is a tad short on me, even though it's sitting quite low on my waist. I could see this worn for the holidays. It has an exposed side zipper, which some of the ladies may not like. Personally, I don't mind it:

  Dayna Sequin Skirt (similar mini here

 Detail of the sequin work:


Next is the Metallic Pullover (size XS) that reminds me of the JC shortcut sweater or Gap's Cropped Boatneck Sweater. I blogged about the latter here before. It is quite shimmery, and you can see that better in the second photo.

Metallic Pullover (similar here or here and a long-sleeved one here)

The Cowlneck Animal Print Dress looked cute also, but I didn't have any time to try it on. Maybe on the weekend.

Cowlneck Animal Print Dress

Notable is some of latest jewelry as well. I like bracelets a lot, and this one caught my eye:

And I guess the matching necklace would be the Dancing Bead Necklace:

That's about it for now. There are a few other dresses I will review in a later post.

Have a good rest of the week, everyone!


  1. The skirt's lovely, I think I must be the only person who doesn't need "Christmas" clothes, I'm always envious when everyone buys all the frou frou things in December.

    PS My Maserati does 185 ! I love that song.

  2. I just stopped into BR this morning, and the lace overlay shell is really lovely. There is a pretty gold-ish version on sale, as well. I was tempted, but just don't have the need for something so fancy at the moment. I bought a couple of practical sweaters instead.

  3. T.: I don't have any 'Christmas' clothes either. It's a lovely skirt I would wear on any other occasion for evening wear.

    Sue: I saw the gold too, but that colour so close to my face washes me out completely. You and me both then. I just got a JC cardi for a bargain :)

  4. I like the lace top & skirt. Very cute.

  5. Hi -- love your post --- what are some other recommendations you have for the Dayna skirt? I have it and it still has tags on it, b/c I just don't know how to pair it up (esp with the tights issue). Can you give me a few tips?


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