Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anthro - Late September

I walked into Anthro after work today to finally get the Gentle Touch Pencil Skirt, which I blogged about here and here before, only to find out it has completely sold out, in both colours. Since I was in the store already, I had to take a quick look around. First off, I tried this Multiburst Sweater Dress in size S on. It's comfortable, and more essentially, it's not itchy. The belt is the Clasp Construction Belt size M. It's a bit loose, so perhaps an S would have fit better.

Multiburst Sweater Dress (another sweater dress here)

Picture of the belt:

I think this dress would look great with a pair of long, leather boots such as these:

On my previous visit I noticed the Hip-Cinched Blouse, but didn't try it on. See the green version on audreybella here.  This is the gold colorway and size 2. It's quite roomy on the upper part, so I could have probably sized down in this one. I loved the bow, as this can make the blouse look more fitted, if I wanted to. I took the size 4 in the Goban Skirt as size 2 looked too small on the shelf, but this is a bit loose. So I could probably go with the regular pencil skirt size in this one.

And this last skirt I have already seen about a month ago, but hasn't been showing on the website at all. It's the Wicopy Skirt size 4. It's nice and thick and great for those cold winter days. It has a zipper and 3 snaps off centre, as you can see from the second photo. I loved the colours in the fabric and the pockets.

Wicopy Skirt (similar here or here)

I put the Wiltshire Jacket on hold since it's on sale and am still mulling over it. I fit into both XS and S, but when I tried them with the Multiburst Dress, the S fitted better. The arms on the XS are really skinny.

To get it or not to get it? It would probably take me well into the winter since it's never very cold around here. At least I know it will not sell out like the skirts did.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great end of the week!


  1. Yes get it, I think a navy jacket like that is such an essential, I have one an fit even comes with me to the beach on cold summer days here - yes what a sad part of the world I live in.

  2. GET IT. adore this post. I'd love if you'd check out of my latest Lauren Conrad inspired outfit post. I took the pictures in front of her old house on the Hills. So pretty.Love to hear what you think.Thanks love. xoxo

  3. The jacket is great I would get it!
    Thanks for dropping by!

  4. The jacket is cute, but I think you should also hold out for one of the skirts, and the sweater dress looks really nice. The longer length is different, and you're right, it would look great with those boots.

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  6. T., Fash Boulevard, Eleanor, Sue: thanks for dropping in. I went back back to the store and I tried zipping the jacket up, which took forever to do, so I lost patience with it. I also didn't like those strings hanging like that on the bottom either, so I changed my mind. My practical side prevailed. I am moving in a couple of months and I will be needing towels for the new bathroom. The ones on sale are so beautiful, so I am going for those instead.

    In other news, I found the Gentle Touch Pencil skirts stashed away on the bottom shelf of a table. The SA yesterday misinformed me. And by some miraculous means, I also discovered the layered column dress in both sizes S and M, so I will be posting pics of those soon.

  7. I saw the jacket yesterday & thought of you. I see why you like it. Sounds like you'll get more use out of the towels. You should keep it in your online wishlist, though, in case you're able to swoop it up later. For even cheaper!

  8. Thanks for the tip, gigi! It's a cutie, for sure.

  9. I love the Goban skirt, I tried on the green and loved it, love the texture.

  10. dinster, I agree. It's a beautiful skirt.


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