Friday, September 23, 2011

Anthro Encore

Yesterday it happened that I was in the area again, so of course I had to pop into Anthro briefly. Parking is the pits at that time of the day, parking meters or not. One thing I like about parking meters in Vancouver (if you can like anything about pay parking) is that you can pay by credit card using your cell phone. It is extremely convenient, especially since I almost never carry change.

Once inside, of course I had to visit with the other colour of the Gentle Touch Pencil Skirt. I already blogged about the wine colour here before. This is size M in moss colour.  The top is the Lotte Blouse size XS. Usually I am size S in tops, but this one is quite roomy.

Lotte Blouse (similar here, here or here)

And here is the Tulip Sleeve Cardigan size S. It's soft and it's PINK! I was instantly attracted to it because of the colour. I am a sucker for pink, as some of you know. Surprisingly, it isn't itchy at all. Love it!

Tulip Sleeve Cardigan  (similar shrug here or an open cardi here)

Another cute cardigan is the  Linea Cropped Cardigan in ivory colour and also size S. I loved the snap closures. It's also soft and not itchy, but once I took it off, I noticed it shed all over my black tee.

Lastly, I was drawn to the sash on the Obi Trousers because it was tied into a pretty bow on the hanger (just like in the photo on the website), but once I put them on, I could never replicate it. They are really long, so tall gals will be happy if they purchase these. I am 5'6" and perched on 3 inch wedges, and there is still too much fabric sweeping the floor. They are also very wide-legged. Usually I am size 2 in most pants from other retailers, but I took a size 4 in these.

Obi Trousers (similar here, here or here)

I also love the lingerie they have in Anthro, but no photos of those, for sure. Isn't this adorable? You can see the entire set by clicking on the image:

Anouk Bra

Unfortunately I don't last long in that store because of the strong smelling candles they burn there. I am allergic to a lot of perfumes.

I have the Gentle Touch Pencil Skirt and the Wiltshire Jacket on my Anthro wishlist. I blogged about this jacket here before. What's on yours?

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. I like the cardis, even though one is a shedder. I can totally see you in the Wiltshire jacket.

  2. Hello Rose:
    As we no longer have a car, parking is no longer an issue. And, how pleased we are that we no longer have to think about it as it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to park anywhere these days.

    The Linnea cardigan looks very good on you. Just the right amount of detailing and the tailored fit we rather like.

  3. I wish we had the Vancouver parking system, I never have any change either...except pennies, they just seem to multiply in my purse all by themselves.
    I'm loving the Gentle Touch skirt, and I think my favorite is the moss color. I hope you got it!

  4. gigiofca: thank you! I can see myself in the wiltshire jacket too -- maybe once it hits sale.

    Jane and Lance: thanks for visiting! Traffic in this city is becoming more and more of an issue, and the parking fees are escalating accordingly. If I lived in Europe it would be easy to ditch the car, as public transportation is so good there. Thank you!

    Sue: I also love that I get a text 5 minutes before the time is up, so you can either extend your time or return to the car. You would love the new meters even better: they accept credit card right there, at the meter. They are also solar-powered! I am loving it too, and may get it if it gets to sale. Or if I return the JC merino skirt I got last month.

  5. The Lotte blouse is very pretty on you!! We don't have the cell phone pay system here, but the parking meters do accept credit cards. I'm also allergic to many perfumes and scented candles. I wish they wouldn't burn them in the Anthro store. I notice the fragrance permeates the clothes.

  6. Thanks, Louise! I like it too. The new meters take cc's as well. I think all the chemists I know have developed chemical sensitivities. Last time I made the mistake of rubbing some of the Meyer lemon lotion on my hand and I almost fainted from the smell! (and I usually can get away with citrus-like scents)

  7. Lovely reviews, I love how you can walk into Anthro one day, me the next and we pick completely different things :) I love the meters here. Signed up when they first came to town and have been preaching their praises since. Love the convenience plus when I park around town for work, I can print a statement to attach to my expense form ;)

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  9. Hi CC! That's what makes the store interesting, doesn't it? I love the system -- both new and old -- no parking tickets!


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