Saturday, August 13, 2011

Three J. Crew Factory Skirts

I have had these photos for a while but never got around to posting them. The first is the latest cotton with a hint of stretch pencil skirt in 'begonia' colour size 0. I am usually a size 2 in these skirts, but there weren't any in the store to try. The second photo is the same skirt in size 4. It fit large on me and was a bit longer.
Factory Print Pencil Skirt (similar here or here and a gorgeous designer one here)

The next one is the factory Delfine skirt size 2. This one is a cotton/poly mix with muted gold stripes, and it looks much better in real life than in the photo. It's currently in the clearance section on sale for $49.99.

(beautiful horizontal stripes Missoni skirt here and gorgeous vertical stripes skirt here)

The last skirt I tried is the same print used for the Fleurette skirt from last year. The factory version is called 'pale lilac' and is made of the same fabric as the 'begonia' version above. This is a size 2 as well.

I also tried the factory Viviana silk chiffon dress again in the 'begonia' print (size 2). This one fit quite large on top. Usually I wear size 4 in JC dresses. The length is very short, and falls well above the knee, unlike its description on the website (I am 5'6").

Factory Viviana Silk Chiffon Dress (more rose print dresses here, here or here)

The 'begonia' print was also used for a perfect shirt silk/cotton, among other things. The fabric is similar quality to that of the Jaipur shirt I got last year, and which I blogged about here before.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


  1. The begonia & delfine are looking especially good to my eyes. Thanks for sharing pics. I was curious about the length on these.

  2. How do you find the quality of the factory skirts? I like the look of the begonia one and the colors are just right for transition into autumn.

  3. I love the floral and the stripes. I'm always trying to add more colour into my wardrobe since I have a tendency to gravitate to basic blacks, greys, etc.

  4. gigiofca: you are welcome! They are pretty.

    xoxo: I have 2 factory cotton sateen and I like them (the leopard print and the Pastiche imitation). They are unlined, of course, but I don't mind that for summer skirts.

    Melanie: great idea to incorporate more colour into your wardrobe!

  5. Thanks for posting these. Like xoxo, I have always wondered about the quality of the JC Factory stuff. I ordered a chambray shirt recently and it was quite decent but have yet to try any of the more tailored pieces.

  6. Louise: I also like the factory slub cotton tees. The fabric is more substantial than the regular store slub tees. Also the silk/cotton the perfect shirts are made from is the same fabric used for the regular store, in my opinion.


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