Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tall Elsa

Tall Elsa

Tall Elsa by rose80

And here I am wearing the Tall Elsa.

J. Crew Sequin Stripe Henley Tank (similar here, here, or here)
J. Crew Tall Elsa Jacket (similar here or here and a coral colour here)
 Ann Taylor Linen/Cotton Pencil Skirt (similar here or here or with tiers here)
J. Crew Nicola Platform Heels (similar here or here)
Jo Malone Orange Blossom Body Lotion (or body cream here)

The skirt and jacket got quite a few wrinkles after I spent almost 11 hours sitting at my desk in them. I got the tall version of the jacket on ABC's advice.

Have a good Friday, everyone!


  1. Good call on the tall size! You look great!

  2. One more day until I get home and open my J Crew boxes, one of which has the Elsa in this same color! I ordered the petite, hope it's not too small. Looks great on you!

  3. Nice color, looks great with the neutral outfit.

  4. Great outfit!! I have the same jacket but in the regular size. I never thought of ordering the tall sizes as I'm not tall but if it just means a slightly longer sleeve and body length in tops, maybe I should keep it mind for next time.

  5. CC: thanks! I love how comfortable this jacket is!

    dinster: hope you have a safe return back home and enjoy opening the goodie packages!

    xoxo: thank you very much!

    Louise: thanks! Yes, I have ordered tall before, but I wish they would consider moving the waistline lower on tall sizes. Sometimes I wonder who is checking these proportions. On tall sizes only the length of the sleeves and of the jacket differ. You would think the waistline would also be moved accordingly.


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