Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Talbots Cheetah Print Velvet Jacket

When I visited BR, I also popped briefly into Talbots, since they are in the same part of the mall. The one thing that caught my eye was this new Kate Fit Cheetah Print velveteen jacket (size 4). I didn't realize it was velvet until I got closer to it. The best part about it? It is fully lined. The not so great part about it? It has bracelet sleeves.

(similar print here, here or here)

Is an entire jacket too much of this print for you? This print is everywhere, so it's easy to find smaller alternatives, such as a scarf:

More scarves with cheetah prints here, here or here
or a bag:

Bags in this print here or even with sequins here

or shoes:
Ballet flat shoes in this print here or here and in canvas print here!

or my favourites:

Animal prints seem to be everywhere this season. Do you wear any?

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. I tried that jacket on, but couldn't get a gauge on it. For most things, I have still been a small on top thru this pregnancy, but this jacket seemed to run really tight. I'm pretty sure I tried my usual 6P and it was small. I like the print & fabric, but found it a tad bit faded. That could be a good thing. You don't want to be too Golden Girls with the overall print. The fit looks good on you :)

  2. Purrrr...I'm not an animal-print kinda gal, although your shoe pick has me drooling. While I like a 3/4 sleeve cardi, I'm with you on the jacket sleeves, must be full length, that said, the jacket fits you well.

  3. I can just about cope with shoes in the print, that said my mum bought me a surprise dress - in leopard - aaargh! I will learn to love it. I will learn to love it. i will learn to love it.

  4. Love the bag!

  5. gigiofca: I liked it because it was less obvious of a print. Thank you!

    CC: me neither, and in fact, I don't own any animal prints. For fall and winter I prefer longer sleeves. Thank you!

    T: you HAVE to now. LOL

    KDot: me too! Thanks for dropping by!

    Sunshine: yes, it's nice... but did you see the price tag? Ouch.


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