Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Gap Arrivals

It does feel like fall is just around the corner, looking at the colours of the new arrivals in stores!

First off, I loved the look of this Lurex Open Cardigan (size XS, light asphalt colour) on the hanger, but not on me. It felt quite scratchy on my skin. The Paneled Dot Top (also XS) is made from a pretty mauve-taupe  fabric, but the label says 100% polyester.

Next is the Tie-Neck Shirt (XS, bubbly colour, and also 100% polyester). Nice neutral top, but I found myself fumbling with the tie and unable to make a pretty bow out of it. With perseverance I am certain it can be done, though. The Faux Leather Trim Zip Jacket (size S and camel colour) fits boxy. I didn't like the colour of this jacket, as it completely washes me out.

The same jacket in XS and gray colour looks just a touch better than the camel above:

The next item I actually liked. It's the Cropped Boatneck Sweater size XS and hedgehog colour. It looks much better in real life than in the photo.

And with the Metallic Fleck Scarf. The flecks are a muted gold.

I loved this jacket on the website, but not on me. It's the Point Lapel Blazer size 4, my jacket size at the Gap or BR or JC, most of the time.

Tie-Lapel Blazer size 4. Another 'challenging' tie here, as well as a hook and eye closure that kept coming undone. Or maybe I am just plain clumsy. The top is the Studded Yoke Top in XS and again 'bubbly' colour and 100% polyester. I see way too much poly this fall.

Lastly, the Jersey Wrap Dress size S has a nice shape, and if you don't mind rayon with a touch of spandex, it looks more expensive than what it is, in my opinion. Those are smudges on the mirror, not stains on the dress.

 Jersey Wrap Dress  (similar here or here)

Have you checked out the Gap new arrivals?

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Sounds like you didn't have great luck, I've been meaning to head over to a Gap to check out the new stuff. The open cardigan looks so nice, I hate it when they itch---don't these stores do product testing on fabrics first?
    The wrap dress is also nice on you, I have one from BR that I wear all the classic.
    I always tell myself that it's a good thing not everything works out in the dressing room, otherwise we'd all be in the poorhouse (which is where we'll all probably be anyway, the way the economy is going)
    Thanks for the reviews!

  2. that jersey wrap dress is cute. i hope they can fully turn it around--i worked for the company for years in the glory days and it's current state is nothing shy of depressing. hoping for a mad COMEBACK!! i know they can do it.


  3. Sue: the dress would be the only thing I would get right now, but since we know it will be on sale shortly, why rush? :D

    this free bird: thanks for visiting! I agree... the stores look just a bit sad right now.

  4. Hi Sunshine, and thanks for visiting! It is a nice, practical dress.


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