Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mad Men At BR (II)

Finally I got around the rest of the pictures from the collection plus a few extras that I liked on my BR escapade. The preferred pieces are the Bracelet Sleeve Jacket and the pencil skirt in the same fabric in the photo at the top. I can't believe it is not listed on the website. Both items are size 4, and they fit great.
Similar pencil skirt here or here and on super sale here

Other favourites were the Cigarette Pants, size 2. Loved the size zipper. The top is the same Lace Shell size S I blogged about here.

Mad Men Collection Lace Shell (similar here, or on sale here or here

I also liked the Houndstooth Dress. This is a size 6 -- all the smaller size were gone. It fits large on me, especially the skirt part, which is a much thicker fabric then the top. I didn't expect that. It's also longer than I prefer to wear dresses, but it will definitely appeal to those who like a longer length.

Mad Men Collection Houndstooth Dress (more houndstooth pattern dresses here or here)

The rest of the items are not part of the Mad Men collection, but rather things I liked and which I would definitely consider in my wardrobe. First off is the Camille Jacket size 4. I chuckled once I realized the model is also a JC model as well. This jacket is substantial (wool/cotton blend) and the only thing that I wasn't too crazy about was the hook and eye closure. The skirt is the Mad Men collection Full Circle Skirt I blogged about in the first Mad Men post.

The second jacket I tried on is the Boucle Jacket size 2. The jacket reminds me a lot of my JC Thandie blazer I got last year, except it is longer and more fitted.
Boucle Jacket (more fitted jackets here or here

And the last one is the Annie Faux-Wrap Dress size XS. I think I would go for a size up if I were to get this, as it is a bit too fitted.

Annie Faux-Wrap Dress (more wrap dresses here, here or here)

A few more items in my next BR post.

And here's a pic I took last weekend of one of my favourite places, the White Rock pier:

Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!


  1. The suit at the top of the post looks nice, the fabric is really interesting. I'm sure everything will be gone by the time I'm back to Canada. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. The suit is stunning, for those with proper jobs it's a must have, I'd probably only wear it in court.

  3. Love the suit! There was also a pretty blue blouse they showed under a leopard cardi that I was interested in but it's sold out online :( Haven't made it into a store yet.

  4. LOVE the suit. I am about to post a review of the lace dress which I did not love unfortunately.

  5. You've peaked my interest in the cigarette pants and the houndstooth dress! :o)

  6. Ooh, the camille and boucle jackets, yes, please!

  7. xoxo: the suit is lovely. I am certain you would like it. I was in there today and I still saw some.

    T: for sure you could wear it and not just in court. :)

    sparrowsandsparkles: I think I did look at that blouse and it's all poly, if I recall correctly.

    Opera Rach: I posted about the black lace dress in the previous post. I loved it.

    My4Boys: you can't go wrong with either piece!

    Melanie: it's great -- really substantial fabric!

    Lisa: can't go wrong with either!

  8. The suit reminds me a little of J. Crew's Telegraph suit, more 1940s looking than 1960s. I think it's my favourite look on you, of the set of items shown here. Still haven't had a chance to check it out in person!

  9. Thank you, Louise. I like pencil skirts and fitted jackets too.


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