Friday, August 5, 2011

Dixie & Worker Bee Trousers

I get a kick out of the Anthropologie names for clothes, still. On a recent trip the Dixie and the Worker Bee trousers caught my eye, and of course I had to try them on. I am always on the lookout for pants, and have found that other than Ann Taylor's or Ann Taylor Loft's, not many of them fit me. The Dixies are size 4. I take a size 2 in JC Minnies, and am 5'6" tall, if that helps anyone.

J. Crew Braidee Sandals (shown here before)

The other pair I tried on are the Worker Bee Trousers in size 28. The inseam is long enough (33.5") for me to wear with the 3 1/2" heels. The top is the Winner's Circle Tee size S. Usually, I take S in tops, but this one fits large.

How do you like Anthro pants?

Hope everyone is having a good Friday!


  1. Anthro names can be really strange sometimes. I haven't bought a pair of pants at Anthro in a long time - for some reason, I usually only look at the dresses and the tops. Those red Dixie pants look really nice on you!

  2. Louise: I never owned any Anthro pants. The Dixies are on my list. :)

  3. I love the name Worker Bee Trousers! Cute Blog :)

  4. I enjoy Anthro's item names too! They help me expand my vocabulary (I ususally have Wikipedia open on the next tab when I'm browsing the site, haha).

    Love the red trousers, so cheery, and they fit you very well. I haven't found any pants I like at Anthro yet, but maybe that's because I'm a die hard BR and Gap girl when it comes to outfitting my bottom half. Love their tops and dresses, like Louise says.

    Have a great weekend! What glorious sunshine we're having :)

  5. PinkPolkadotAA: thanks for visiting! Not sure how they come up with the names, but they are hilarious.

    CC: LTNS! Glad to see you back! Thank you, I love the red ones too, and they fit much better than the new JC wool Minnies, who seem to be very generous with their fabric this year. I was in the Gap earlier and they had a 30% off sale going on... almost got a pair of pants for about $11, but decided against it. I would have to alter them a bit to fit me perfectly, and these days I have no patience for that.

  6. I've never tried any pants on at Anthro, come to think of it. I like the Dixies on you.


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