Saturday, July 9, 2011

J. Crew Visit - July

Last week, I managed to make my way to a JC store to pick up the Leslie lace shell and check out some of the new stock. I blogged about this top here and here before. The top is on sale for $54.99 in the store, and an additional 30% discount was applied. 

Just like the other jca's have already reported, not a whole lot of new items caught my eye either. There were a lot of tees, tanks and very short shorts I didn't care for. I saw the Jacinta cami in both white  and this poppy colour, and thought it would a nice summer top. This is a size 0. The skirt is the Bellflower tweed pencil skirt I blogged about here before.

Jacinta Cami

The High tide tunic dress in vintage linen and XS fits well. The fabric is quite substantial for a summer knit dress and I loved its 'vintage' look.

Here's the Linen Tessa top top in size 0 and desert pink. It fits large, so size down for this one. The fabric is quite stiff instead of free-flowing. Linen wouldn't have been my fabric of choice for this kind of top.

Lastly, I tried this Vacation dress because it seemed like an easy-care summer knit dress, but was not too enamored with the sleeves. This is a size XXS. Normally I take an S, so you will definitely need to size down in this one:

I wasn't inspired enough to pick anything else up but the Leslie shell top. Did anything from the new releases appeal to you?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. The High Tide dress is favorite JC purchase of the season. I love the unusual color combination, and the heavier weight fabric. It's a real winner!

  2. Sue: it's a lovely dress, isn't it? The navy one is on sale right now.

  3. I like the sleeves on the vacation dress. It's one of those things that probably wouldn't pass the F21 test, though. It can likely be found for a much lower price point. The Jacinta seems to have a lower than many of JC's camis. Interesting. I hear you on not being inspired by many things in the store. The repeats seem to continue.

  4. I am digging some of the new patterns in the perfect shirts but I think I will wait for sale on that ... and I am kicking myself for not getting more during the last tees & knits promo because some of the pieces I got worked so well I want the other colorways now!

    Ooh, the high tide dress! You look great in it - I may have to look into that, especially since the rowboat dress totally didn't work for me!

  5. Great pics and reviews. I am considering the high tide dress so this is really helpful. I'm just concerned it may be a bit too wide of a boatneck for me - not flattering on my figure.

    The vacation dress seems to have the same sleeves as the Indira ikat dress and I didn't like them either, they were too flouncy or something. Thanks for sharing.

  6. gigiofca: I am convinced you can find something cheaper there. I like the square neck of the Jacinta cami, as well as that poppy colour.

    Lisa: for sure they will hit sale soon enough so that you can scoop them up! Thanks, I like the high tide dress and am considering the navy one since it is on sale right now.

    xoxo: thank you! Try it -- I don't think it is wide. Personally, I like square necks and boatnecks on me, and V's are not flattering, so I can understand your dilemma.

  7. With my deep love for all things stripes I love the high tide tunic!

  8. triciathomas: they have it at the Fashion Place Mall, so hurry there. :)

  9. Jess: it's nice and light for the summer!

  10. I have been uninspired these last few months by JC. Being super busy helps, but moving home then having to organize my bulging wardrobe means I'm extra vigilant in picking up anything that is similar to what I already own. I do like the look of the jacinta cami, but it is too similar IMO to last year's bettina (which I picked up in the off white and burnt orange colours). Thanks for the reviews, excellent as always. I love the High Tide Tunic dress on you. Think you'll get it when it goes on super sale?

  11. CC: thanks for visiting. I am not familiar with the Bettina cami from last year, but I understand why you wouldn't want to get something that's too much like what you already have. I didn't think much of the high tide tunic when I saw it on the rack, but I have to admit that I was pleased once I tried it on. I might just have to get it once it hits sale... in a week or two. :)

  12. Oooo love the vacation dress!
    -Jessica & Holly

  13. I saw that Jacinta top from Jcrew on several young women when in NY...and here it is again. It's a great staple.

    Love that tunic dress too!


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