Sunday, July 31, 2011

J. Crew - Late July (II)

Cavalry skirt in size 2. The fabric is thick but soft, which is what I liked about this skirt. It is longer than the skirts we have been seeing at JC in the last couple of years.


The Shimmermist sweater in size S and shimmer stone. It looked very nice in real life, but on closer inspection it was already full of snags. The price point is way too high for what this sweater is made of (viscose/poly) in my opinion.

Shimmermist Sweater (similar here or here)

Tippi sweater in size S and vibrant flame. LOVED it, and I think that's enough said. Check out the marled caramel in my previous post.

Pipe dream hoodie in bright persimmon sizes XS (top) and S (bottom) for a looser fit. A thin, colourful hoodie for the summer or to wear as a casual layer in the winter.


The much talked about Schoolboy blazer in size 4 and pearl grey feels bigger in the shoulders than the velvet one from the last season, and the cut is quite boxy. I didn't like this colour on me. Maybe the decadent red would look better.


Origami sheath dress in size 2 has been around a while, but gigiofca informs me this is the new version. I may try a 4 for more comfort.

I have another couple of dresses to blog about, but since I don't see them on the website yet, I will make them part of a future post.

I thought I should mention that at the time I am writing this, the store still had the Jardin skirt in 2 colours (the purple and the pewter) and several sizes available, so you may want to call the University Village store in Seattle if you would like one sent to you. They also had the one below in size 0, the only one in the store:

Paisley Pencil Skirt

Hope everyone is having a great day!


  1. I love that you tried on the hoodie in 2 different sizes, what a great illustration of the difference a size makes. Sometimes it's hard to tell when you're standing in front of a mirror. I think the sheath dress is stunning on you!

  2. I like the dress on you. Pacific Place had the Jardin as well. I haven't been to U Village for a while.

  3. Thanks for the pics Rose! I want that paisley pencil skirt so badly, urgh. And I am SO BUMMED about the red schoolboy situation. :/

    I have the Origami dress in 3 colors and I can tell you I will die if anything ever happens to any of them -- I love it that much! Somehow it just flatters my shape beautifully. The only thing some peeps might not like is that it's just a hair on the short side. I am 5'7" and it doesn't bother me, though.

  4. This origami is a newer version. The style# on the old one is 29867. The skirt on that one is shorter. There's also a little more origami folding and/or material on last year's version as well. It looks good on you. Great photos & info.

  5. Sue: I prefer a more fitted style usually, but the loose may be preferred by other ladies. Thank you, I loved it too!

    Tammy: thanks for letting us know. UVillage was buzzing this weekend.

    Elaine: sorry you missed out on it. Hopefully you can find the skirt on a pop-back and a similar blazer from some other retailer. I can see how one can get this dress in multiples -- it's a classic! I am 5'6" and this one seemed to be long enough for me.

    gigiofca: thanks for noticing. I edited the post to reflect that. Thank you!

  6. That origami dress on you is perfection! I like the shimmery sweater it looks so effortlessly chic!

  7. The Tippi in flame - gorgeous color, did you pick that one up? I agree, the schoolboy fit is pretty boxy, I definitely could not wear that one. I'm intrigued by the pipe dream hoodie but it's a bit overpriced for what is basically a t-shirt with a hood.

    I have the paisley pencil and love it, classic summer pencil from J.Crew. I predict people will be looking for that one in the next couple years, like the lattice-print pencil from 2008/09.

    Thanks for the photos and reviews.

  8. Thanks for the reviews. I was wondering if the Shimmer Mist sweater would be snag prone.
    The Cavalry skirt looks really great on you as does the origami dress.

  9. Thanks for posting these photos. I have my eye on the Cavalry skirt, just trying to decide whether the 70s look is for me. The Tippi sweater looks great on you, as does the Origami dress. How did you find the quality of the Schoolboy blazer? I have read several mixed reviews so far but I really like the red colour.

  10. triciathomas: thank you! Now I will have to get it. It's a pretty sweater, but it was already full of snags. I would stay away from it.

    xoxo: no, I did not get it. Agree about the hoodie -- thin material for what it is. The skirt is very pretty.

    maryeb: yes, it sure is. :) Thank you. I liked the dress, but was not crazy about the skirt, to tell the truth.

    Louise: you are welcome! A-line skirts do not look that good on me. I am sticking with pencils. Loved the Tippi and the Origami! The schoolboy blazer fabric doesn't feel substantial enough and it doesn't drape nicely in my opinion. Plus the buttons weren't nice either -- granted, that would be an easy fix.

  11. Bummer about the Shimmer Mist sweater because I love it on you! I can almost never resist something slightly sparkly - such an easy way to dress things up!


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