Sunday, July 24, 2011

Banana Republic - July Visit (II)

I had a few more photos from my previous visits to BR to share and figured I should post them while the weather keeps warm (or hot, depending where you are). So far our summer has been iffy, but as of yesterday, things seem to be turning around. Keep fingers crossed.

Below is the Heritage Lace Tiered Dress size 2. This is a smaller size than I normally take in most dresses. It feels luxurious on, but the viscose/nylon fabric it is made from doesn't justify the price tag. I laughed when I saw the model's face on the BR site... it is a popular J. Crew girl.

Next is the Lace overlay shell in Shimmer and size S. The lining is cotton (big plus in a heat wave) and the shell is a cotton mix. It also comes in 5 other colours, so lots of choices to pick from. The skirt is the pencil skirt I blogged about here  before.

Ruffled lace blouse in size 4P and Aran cream colour. Linen pencil skirt in size 2 fits TTS and is beautiful -- lining is included.

And again the Ruffled lace blouse  in regular size 4 and Canyon shadow colour. The pants are the ones I blogged here before.

Lastly, the Eyelet pencil skirt in black and size 4. I only see the white version on the website. Detail of the eyelet is below.

Some shoes and bags were also on sale, so checkout your B&M for additional specials.


  1. WE've had no summer since April until yesterday - I may get to wear summer cloths for oh, a whole 4 days this year.

  2. Love the two lace pieces on you, but I'm hanging tough and not buying any more summer. I'm still pulling out things with tags from my closet! I have to admit however, I did grab a couple of things from the J Crew promo---one of which was the lace blouson dress.

  3. T: that sounds familiar, unfortunately.

    Sue: great choice! Same here... in white and black. ;)

  4. I looove all of the lace! I especially like the look with the pencil skirt!

  5. I like that linen skirt. I really have to get off my duff and stop into Banana one of these days, maybe check out the fall offerings.

    I'm afraid I am suffering from lace overload! It's pretty but I've got one piece and that is enough for me. I'm not the girly girl so it only works for dressy occasions. Thanks for sharing the pics and reviews.

  6. Maybe I should clarify about the lace overload as it sounds silly since I only have one piece but I was referring to the proliferation of lace items we are seeing now. The new ruffles, or sequins, I guess.

  7. Hi Jess! 'tis the summer for lace, it seems. :)

    xoxo: it's on sale right now, plus you can get an extra 40% off. Yes, it seems lace is this year's ruffles. Oh wait, we have ruffles made with lace. :|

  8. very cute picks! lace items are adorable

    Inside and Outsde Blog

  9. The lace overlay top looks very nice! I was skeptical about wearing something part nylon in the heat, so glad to hear it's comfortable.


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