Thursday, June 23, 2011

More J. Crew

Yesterday I managed to make my way South again and of course I also ended up at J. Crew. The store was quite picked over, it seemed, and in retrospect, I should have gone to the downtown one. That said, I still managed to try on a few items I hadn't seen there on my previous visit.

First was the Silk-linen tie-dye cardigan (size S).  The website photo doesn't do it justice, and neither does my new crackberry camera photo. I will have to remember to take the regular camera with me. Its colours are much nicer in real life.  The skirt is the No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge cotton (size 2, mauve morning colour) I blogged about in an earlier post. It was marked down to $59.99 in the store, and also received the 30% off discount on it, so I was happy.

Here I tried the skirt on again with the Leslie lace shell (size 0), which was still full  price in the store, but it's on promo online.

Also new was the Ikat pencil skirt size 2. The fit is tighter than on the pencil skirts in the solid colours (see above), so you may want to size up in this one. 

New to me were also the Camp pants (size 0) which are on promo on the website and the Metallic linen sweatshirt (size S). The pants fit similarly to the silk-linen slouchy pants from 2010. The sweatshirt was thin, but not sheer.

Lastly,  I HAD TO try on the much talked about Maritime dress (size XS). I had tried it on before (2nd photo), and not sure why I thought I would like it better with the darker stripes. I still don't. I prefer the Rowboat dress I blogged about here to this one.


I also noticed the Indira ikat dress, but the colours in it didn't inspire me enough to try it on.

Do you like any of the new arrivals? Did you get anything during the 30% sale?


  1. I love all of those muted colours, slowly but surely my wardrobe is turning into a giant latte.

  2. Hi T.! Latte is my favourite drink! You can't go wrong with it! :)

  3. Lucky gal! You got to visit the store mid week! I can only go on the weekends, along with the throngs. I haven't been to a B&M in months... really must plan a roadtrip soon! Great reviews, as always!

  4. Hi CC! Haha! I was on vacation. Thanks!

  5. I like the cardigan and the lace shell! Maybe it's just me, but J. Crew clothes seem better recently -- prettier and less goofy.

  6. Hi Lady Cardigan! LTNS! Yes, they seem better quality than last year's - no more ruffles and fewer unfinished edges.

  7. Hahah - funny that we both blogged about the Maritime dress. I bet if you belted it, you'd like it better! I had the same problem...

    But I do love the Rowboat dress too!

  8. Jess: if I did that, it would be way too short, I think. It's a nice fabric, but I will have to pass on it.

    Tammy: thank you! I love the mauve pencil a lot!

  9. Hello just started following your blog! I love the last two dresses! They're super cute, I can picture me wearing them with a belt around the waist! Very cute!Little Petite Blog

  10. Little Petite Blog: thanks for visiting. I am sure you would look great in either one of those!

  11. I am thinking about buying the camp pant but I don't know what size to get and they are final sale! I tried on some other "relaxed fit" pants at the store and tended to be a 4. Are you normally a 0? What's your height/weight. I'm 5'7" and somewhere between 125 and 130.


  12. @ Hera - I chatted about sizing on the camp pant and this is what I learned:

    Size 4 - waist = 28.25", hips = 39.75"
    Size 6 - waist = 29.25", hips = 40.75"

    There is a 1" difference between the waist, so if you're a 2, it should have a waist of 27.25" with hips of 38.75, and so on. Also, these pants have a favorite fit/medium rise.


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