Friday, June 10, 2011

The Marlow (And Other Bags)

I was able to see this new JC bag on a trip to the South. Beware, this is not a bag for the faint of heart. I HAD to take it to the fitting room with me to try it on for size. I am 5'6", for reference. This is more than just a hobo. It could easily be my new computer bag.

The dress is the Rowboat in XS, which is a size too small for me, beside the fact that it is too short. Only one XS and one XL were left in the entire store. 

Marlow Hobo (similar here or here)
Camille Wedges (similar here or here)

 Camille Wedges (similar here or here)

The store also had a few Edie purses, one of them photographed here next to the Canvas Bronwyn hobo. I liked the look of the canvas Bronwyn quite a bit. It would make a great summer bag.

How do you like the Marlow? Are you considering it?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Wow, the Marlow is huge, more like luggage than a purse. Too big for me. I was considering the Edit but I have two of the Borge Garveri bags in red so that is probably enough. I appreciate the photo review.

    Don't feel bad about missing the rowboat dress, it is not well-made and would probably not look good after a wash or two anyway. I took mine to the post office and returned it the same day I got it, it was that bad.

  2. Oh dear! That bag is carry-on size! Maybe even bigger! Great idea to bring it into the change room with you, to review for us bloggies ;)

    I've pretty much decided I+ don't need anything from JC this season. I am waiting for a % off plus FS to stock up on Perfect Stretch Shirts and Jackie twinsets and that's about all.

    Thanks for the reviews. Off I go to BR today, 40% off 2 FP items! Woot!

  3. xoxo: yes, it is, isn't it? It could very well be an overnight bag as well!

    I liked the rowboat dress better than I liked the maritime on me, but with that length, I could not wear it anywhere but around the house.

    CC: thought some people might react that way! :) It is huge.

    Same here, CC... Other than the Verona jacket, I didn't feel the urge to get anything lately.

    Have fun shopping at BR!

  4. Wow, that bag is huge!

    Thanks for reviewing the Camille wedges! I have been eyeing them since they came out but am worried that they might be uncomfortable. How did you find the heel height? Also, was the sandal heavy due to the wood heel? And how comfortable did you find the strap that goes over the front of the foot? (sorry for all the questions. My feet are on the wider side so it is hard to find comfortable sandals that still look stylish, not like clodhoppers.)

  5. Louise: I was comfortable with the heel height and the weight of the sandals. My foot is also on the wider side and the front strap was too wide for me. What I found was that the foot was sliding forward a bit. Not sure if this is helpful to you.

  6. Holy bag! That's huge. I like the dress on you, even if it wasn't the right size. Shoes look great, too :)

  7. gigiofca: holy bag is right. I liked the dress too. Thank you!

  8. Oh I love the dress and wedges and colour of the bag if not the size.
    J Crew is coming to the UK soon - can't wait - I'll be able to play again!

  9. Tabitha: me too! Oh, that will be nice for you... no more exorbitant shipping fees!

  10. Hi Rose,

    You review of the Camille wedges is very useful for me.
    Anyway, I’m really not sure what size will be fit to my feet. I used to buy a Madewell shoe with open toe, size 5.5 ( Not sure if JC size and Madewell size is comparable )
    But for this one there is no size 5.5. Even it says half size order up but my foot is thin and narrow. What size you selected ? It might help me to make a right choice, between 5.5 and 6.
    Sorry for all the question and thank you for your help.

    PS. I live in Thailand so need to make sure before ordering
    You look good in Rowboat dress , even it is XS 


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