Monday, June 20, 2011

J. Crewlet - June

On my trip a couple of weeks ago I also hit the crewlet North of Seattle. I liked the sequin tee (size S) quite a bit, even though I am not big on the sequins department. The store had quite a stock of these at the time.

  Factory Tee (black graphic tee here or here)

I was looking for a pair of cropped pants and couldn't find these in my size, so I tried a 4 instead. They fit larger, but not overly large. They are a linen/cotton blend, and in need of some steaming/ironing so they don't look so flat, but they are very well made:

The gold striped tee (size S) was another item that grabbed my attention. The gold is not as bright as it appears on the website.

This Factory Marlie Racerback Dress (size 2) didn't look like much on the rack but it fitted nicely, and the silk fabric is light and airy.

I took this photo a while back and never had the chance to post it, but on my last visit the store still had a large stock of these long-sleeved striped tees, and they were on sale. The material is very nice and heavy, and will probably last after many washes. I am wearing a size S. I tried both XS and S, and for a more fitted look, I would choose XS.

Factory Striped Tee (similar here or here)

I am heading down to the crewlet again on Wednesday and hope they will have the 30% off sale too.


  1. I LOVE the Crewlet tee with the flower sequins! I think it would be so cute with a pencil skirt. Fingers crossed you find a great sale tomorrow!

  2. I love the Racerback dress! Too bad there isn't a J Crew outlet in Chicago! I need to find a way to get to one asap.

  3. tricia: I agree. I hope they will have the same sale going. :)

    Lauren: have you tried calling a store to ask if they would ship one to you?

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  5. Hi Rose---I have no J Crew near me, but a crewlet right up the street. In general I find the quality of their fabrics to be so inferior to the retail versions (and so close in price!!!)that I pass on most items. That said, the crewlet sometimes revives old favorites, like the city safari, which I love.

  6. Hi Sue! Thanks for visiting! I found their slub cotton tees to be made of thicker fabric, so therefore last longer. Yesterday I also looked at their silk/cotton perfect shirts that used some patterns from last year's regular store and couldn't tell the difference between those and the shirt I have at home from a quality standpoint. I don't like their coats, though.


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