Sunday, June 19, 2011

J. Crew - June (III)

Here are some more try-ons from my trip a couple of weeks ago. Tomboy Tunic in casablanca blue and XS (one size smaller than my usual size in tops). The colour is a beautiful, vivid blue, and the fabric is light but not transparent. The skirt is the No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge cotton, which I blogged about in the previous post.

Tomboy Tunic (similar here or here)
Lattice Belt (similar here or here)

Below is the Fisherman cardigan  in XS. I should have gone with my regular size S, as this one is too small when buttoned up. The New cafe capris   are a touch longer than the Classic cafe capri from the spring line. These fit TTS for me.

New Cafe Capri (similar here or here)

I loved the look of this linen/cotton Summerlong sweater (XS), but it is so transparent, I would need a cami underneath.

Lastly, here are the Surplus pants in size 2 (my usual size in pants) and cool slate colour. They look similar  to the Day-tripper pants (minus the ribbon) I blogged about here. However, in the Day-tripper pants I needed to size down.

Surplus Pants (similar here or here)

I see the long-awaited 30% off sale has started at J. Crew. Refer to the side panel for the details of the promo. Will you be getting anything this sale?

Have a great week ahead, everyone!


  1. No wonder they call it the summer long sweater bc you couldnt wear that sheer thing past september! And the fisherman cardi needs the buttons higher up -- I find low-buttoned cardis look sloppy and defeats the purpose of keeping one warm. I'm hard to please today! But thank you for the reviews as always!

  2. I like the summer long sweater, too, but those are the sweaters that snag way too easily for me. You do such great pant reviews. Keep them up :)

  3. I bought the No2 pencil in black, bright dahlia and mauve morning. I wear pencils so often and I love this version for summer. Thanks for reviewing the summerlong sweater. It is on my wishlist if it ever makes it to sale because it's so sheer I would probably only wear it as a beach coverup. I am eyeing the surplus pants too, they look like a replacement for my rip-stop cargos that I am wearing to death while gardening.

    As far as the sale goes, I bought another pair of summerweight chino shorts and the navy fisherman sweater as well as some items for my husband. Was happy to see the extra 30 last night.

  4. dinster: I hear you! I know what you mean about the fisherman cardi. I couldn't adjust it properly.

    gigiofca: yes, they are prone to snagging. No jewelry worn with these. :)

    xoxo: the pencil skirts are beautiful and they will be 'in' for a long time. Good use for the summerlong sweater! I am eyeing them to go on sale as well. I already wore my zip utility and the canteen ones a lot this year!


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