Thursday, June 16, 2011

J. Crew Dresses - June

I have had these photos for a while but haven't had the chance to get them ready for the blog. It's been busy, busy, busy.

I really liked this Boardroom dress in superfine cotton in deep coral and size 4 a lot. This photo or the one on the website don't do it justice. It is beautiful.

The Faded foil dress in size 2 is new on the website, but I saw it in stores about 2 weeks ago already. The metallic paisley print is cute and the dress is well made (lined silk), but the dress is not flattering for my body type.

Faded Foil Dress (metallic print dress here or here)

Rumi dress in casablanca blue and size 0. Even in this size it was roomy, not to mention extremely low cut and way too short. I love the cotton fabric this dress is made from, though.

The Mirabel dress (size 4) has already received lots of reviews. For those ladies with a larger torso, you will need to size up.


And this is the Paradisa Dress with the identical pattern as the Mirabel dress above. This was also a size 4 and it was tight on my torso.

Urbanite Shift Dress in size 2 and the coral colour that is no longer available on the website. I saw quite a few left in the store though. I actually fitted in a size 0 as well, but it was a tad tight across the chest.

Urbanite Shift Dress

One dress that would be fun for hot summer days: the Hideaway dress (size S). Most of the colours are on sale now.

Hideaway Dress  (similar here)

And lastly, the Jenny dress in gray and size 0. Size 2 was too low cut on me. This dress is currently on super sale for $29.99 on the website.

Jenny Dress

I have lots more photos for another post.

Have a nice Friday, everyone!


  1. Thanks for all the reviews and pics Rose! I hope things start to slow down for you a bit, and you're able to have a relaxing weekend! :)

  2. The shift dress is lovely on you, especially with those shoes.
    My J Crew summer dress from last year is too tight in the torso, i look like a stuffed sausage in it, I quite like the Mirabel dress too though patterns usually scare me!

  3. Thanks so much for these photos and reviews. I have a similar body shape, although I'm a larger size, so the different styles on you are really helpful. I love the boardroom dress on you, very nice. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. FFM: my pleasure, and thank you very much!

    Tabitha: thanks! I kind of liked it too, so now I am torn between 3 coral-coloured dresses. I can't get them all.

    xoxo: you are welcome! Glad this is helpful to you! I love the boardroom dress as well. It is lovely. Hope you have a good one as well!


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