Saturday, May 7, 2011

Talbots Try-Ons - May Edition

On my way home I stopped in Talbots to check out what's new. The 30% off everything sale is on until tonight. Here's what I tried on. First, the Cascading flower pencil skirt size 4 with the Satin twist-neck top in size 2P and natural colour. The skirt was too large and a bit long for my liking. I prefer the skirts in the Petite section, but there wasn't one available. The top had a nice cut and loved the buttons at the back. However, the fabric is quite sheer and it's polyester!

And here I tried the same on with a Leather lattice woven belt in the soda pop colour:

Next I saw the Hiker plaid dress and thought it looked cute, so I gave it a try as well. This is a 4, and fits on the large size, so perhaps a 2 would fit better. The dress is lined, which is a great idea, however, the lining fabric is stiff and gave me unwanted curves (proof is in the picture below -- check out my left side below the belt):

Lastly, the Smocked knit tank dress in size PS and black. This is the nicest knit fabric I have seen in a long time. I tried it with the belt as well. It might work better with the distressed denim belt from J. Crew than with this skinny one:

Make sure you check gigi's and shopwithm's blogs as well for reviews.


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  2. I like the smocked knit tank dress, it looks ver versatile. I haven't had much success with Talbot's for some reason but I am always on the lookout for items that will work with my wardrobe. They seem to be keeping the line very fresh so it's only a matter of time before I find something that works for me.

  3. Thank you for the reviews. I'm very interested in Talbots these days. So far I have only bought one top but I love it. It's too bad about the polyester!

  4. Thanks for visiting me! Love the skirt it's such a gorgeous print!

  5. Thanks for the link love. The plaid print is great. I wish i could try the shorts. Great pics :)

  6. that belt just give the right pop of color especially on the LBD

    i'm a new follower :)

  7. xoxo: this dress is very pretty. I also love the detail on the front. The fall lookbook looks very promising!

    Lady Cardigan: you're very welcome! I am getting more interested with each visit. The BR store in the same mall is so messy all the time, I prefer to go to Talbots instead.

    Lisa: Thanks for dropping by. The skirt is gorgeous.

    gigiofca: Always! :) It looks much nicer than in the photos. Normally I am not attracted to plaid.

    Melissa: thanks for visiting! Yes, I agree, although a thicker belt might look even better, I was too lazy to try another one on. :)

  8. The plaid dress is really cheery, but I see the odd hump!

  9. Yes, T.! I figure if I had the patience to take the lining out, it would might make a nice summer dress. But I know myself... :)

  10. The hiker plaid dress is so cute and looks like the perfect dress for the summer! Talbot's is just awesome lately!!

  11. I love the satin twist neck top, great blog!
    Forever Chic,

  12. tricia: it's lovely, but I desire no extra humps on my hips (check the photo).

    Amber: thanks for visiting! I see the twist-neck is quite popular with other retailers as well this year!


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