Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Talbots - March Edition

I visited my local Talbots today to take a look at some of their spring arrivals. In general I loved the colours much better than the ones I saw last year, although the number of ruffles didn't seem to decrease.

Here's the Tuileries floral skirt in size 2P. I found the petite skirts in Talbots give me the length I am looking for. I also had the 4P with me, but since the 2P fitted perfectly, I didn't bother trying it on. The top is the Pinch Pleat Top in size P (I am assuming PP, since the next one up was S, but in the petite section) and colour Boudoir. There was ample material, so that I decided to belt the top:

Next is a nice metallic linen skirt I cannot find on the website (also in 2P). The top I am trying it with is the  Confetti ruffle top also in size P. Another generous top, belted with the Snake embossed leather skinny belt as well as tucked in. I loved the skirt:
Metallic Linen Skirt (similar here, here and here)
Snake Embossed Leather Skinny Belt

Next I tried a tee in a version of the Tuileries pattern:

Tee in the Tuileries pattern (similar tee here)

Lastly I tried a dress that caught my eye -- also in the petites section. It is the Rosette tiered dress in size 4P and Legion Green colour. I was surprised it fitted so well. Usually the top is too small and the bottom is way too large, but this one was just right:

Detail of the dress:

See more Talbots on shopwithm.

What did you like in Talbots lately?


  1. I haven't been to Tal in awhile, but I love that print skirt on both you & Shop With M. Thanks for sharing the pics :-)

  2. Hi gigi! I loved it too, and not hard to see why. It's very pretty and well made.

  3. Oh I love the dress on you! You look fantastic in it! That's my pick from this lot. Thanks for the reviews!

  4. Thanks, CC! I liked it quite a bit too. Now if they only had a sale... :)

  5. The print on that pencil is gorgeous, and I quite like the second outfit on you (with the blouse tucked in). I hope you didn't leave empty handed!

  6. Hi Andrea! Nice to see you back! Yes, tucked in looked better. I did so, but I'll go back. The lunch break was too short to try everything on. :)

  7. Hi Rose! Talbot's clothes fit you well! Everything looks fabulous! Luve the tiered dress--the color looks so pretty!

  8. Gorgie Girl! love it all. Talbots has some FAB stuff this season. Loved the catalog with my idol Juliana Moore

  9. Hi yogagirl! They definitely fit me better than last season's. Thanks! I loved the dress as well!

  10. Hello, darling! Nice of you to visit! I agree on both counts! :)

  11. Love the skirt and the tiered dress
    Ok I'm dying to know what the one thing on your wish list is.

  12. Thanks for visiting, T.! I can't write it here. Maybe in private. :)

  13. That skirt is totally calling my name!! I love the yellow print and think it may need to make it's way to my closet fast!

  14. If it needs to, then it needs to. It's a beautiful skirt. You won't be disappointed. Thanks for visiting!

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