Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holiday Musings (III)

The last days of my vacation I visited a couple of new places. The first was quite different than the second one. In Fribourg, we parked the car and made our way down this street to get to our lunch spot:

We ate at a lovely restaurant called Auberge de la Cigogne.

Signs on the table were letting us know about the local delicacy, at much cheaper prices than you would get it for in the gift shop at the ariport (31 CHF/100 grams). I am not sure if it is packaged so that you can bring it back home with you. If you plan on  bringing back home food from your travels ensure you can do so before leaving home This wasn't a problem for me, because I just can't get used to eating this stuff, even with copious amounts of bread and chutney to cut the fatty taste, to my sister's dismay.

But I could have brought unlimited amounts of cheese, as that  is a weakness of mine. My favourite cheese is the Swiss Vacherin. It smells quite bad, but it tastes great. I also liked the several types of Gruyere, which the Swiss make A LOT. There are artisan-type cheese makers that will sell you directly from their farm.

Lovely covered bridge right opposite of the restaurant:

And then we made our way back up on the street we came on:

Here's one of the cobblestone streets. I was happy I had my walking shoes the entire trip.  Did I mention that already? Heels just won't do here.

We strolled some more and did some window-shopping. Saw this LV handbag in a second-hand store:

and this one made of bunny fur in one of the boutiques. I thought it was a bit creepy:

and this one reminded me of the ribbon rosette clutch from J. Crew.

The last place I visited was the wine region of Vaud. It has now been declared a UNESCO world heritage area. We started our trip from Cully and drove toward Vevey. It was gorgeous in the middle of the winter, so I can guess how nice it is in the summer. Last Friday there were 13.5 degrees Celsius there.

The hills are quite steep and have many stone walls. They get the so called 'triple sun': directly from the sun due to their southern exposure, reflexion from the water and at night the heat released by the stone walls that accumulates in them during the day.

We visited a place called Vinorama. If you are a wine lover, you must stop here:

I would go back to this area again in the summer. Maybe on my next visit...

What lovely place would you like to go back to and visit again?


  1. Beautiful street scenes! Looks like a lot of fun! :D

  2. That was my first LV bag, I used to tote it when I worked for an interior design company. They all used to say how hideous it was and that I was a label sucker. 20 years later I agree with them!

    Ugh foie grad - hubs always orders it in Europe but I just don't like the taste either

  3. Your trip looks amazing and what beautiful places to visit!! I LOVE cheese so that sounds divine!

  4. What an amazing trip. How lucky you are to have gone on such a wonderful holiday. I'd love to go back to Spain. I went on a fun girl's trip right after I'd moved in w/ DH (the trip had been planned forever) and we had blast. Madrid was amazing.

  5. What beautiful sights, thanks for sharing! You know I love a good hi-cal meal. I've had Foie Gras in Europe and here in Canada, and I have to say that the humanely raised Foie Gras here at home tastes just as good as the European stuff, and with less guilt for the diner too. Welcome back!

  6. Thanks, Rachel! Thanks for visiting!

  7. Hi T.! I thought it was pretty.

    I'm with you. I say no to the fatty liver. LOL

  8. Thanks, tricia! It was very nice! I highly recommend it.

  9. Hi JulieStyles! It was very nice indeed. Maybe you need to take hubby there too. He needs to see it as well. ;)

  10. Hi CC! That's just it... I can't do it. They do have the humanely raised birds there too. Thank you! I am looking outside and I see a foot of snow. I guess I am working from home today. ;)

  11. Thanks for posting your pics! It looks like it was a great trip!

  12. Lovely pics, your trip looks amazing

  13. Thanks, cardiganista!

    Thank you, Beth!

  14. Amazing pictures!



  15. Thank you Lola, and thanks for visiting!

  16. Just discovered you, what a great blog! :)
    you are so lucky, i can't wait until i go to europe!
    ♥ amber



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