Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let's Dance! (Or Gap Holiday Goodies)

The Gap got some of their holiday items the other day so I had to go  check them out. First were the Color Glitter Ballet Flats. They are very comfortable and they fit TTS for me (8M).

The sequin skirt I was waiting to try on is size 2, front and side views. I measured size 2 against 4 and there was no difference at the waist or in length. This skirt is currently sold out online. No wonder, as it was priced so low, and with the  discounts The Gap is always offering, you could get this for under $30! Would be a fun piece to have, although it is borderline short on me. I am 5'6", for reference. (those are some smudges on the mirror which I only noticed once I downloaded the photos).

 Sequin Skirt (similar here, here, here or here)
Silky Paperbag Skirt in size 0. Has slant pockets and a removable sash. 100% polyester. I sized down for this one. It looks kind of cute, although it is too short.

Silky Paperbag Skirt
Color Glitter Ballet Flats

I was surprised to find out that the Velvet Blazer was 97% viscose rayon and 3% spandex. For some reason I was expecting a heavier fabric. It is similar fabric to J. Crew's Velvet Ruby jacket. This was a size 2 and it fits TTS. I like it quite a bit (once the wrinkles are flattened).
Velvet Blazer 

Also tried on a couple of sweaters that caught my eye. First off it was the Boucle Full-Zip Cardigan. This is size S. It is nice and warm, without being itchy. Fiber content is 30% wool, 25% acrylic, 22% alpaca, 13% nylon.
Boucle Full-Zip Cardigan

And lastly is the Four Pocket cardigan in XS. Also looks nicer than I expected. 60% acrylic, 35% alpaca, 5% wool.
Four Pocket Cardigan

What I was hoping to see and was not in the 2 stores I went to was the Sherpa Moto Sweater (which now seems to be out of stock) and the Double-knit Alpaca blend cardi.

Other Gap cutie:
Mini Sequin Purse

A must have, if you don't already own one:
Boyfriend Belt (in brown or black)

Have a nice rest of the week, everyone!


  1. I was in the store on the weekend and your picks caught my eye too ;) Esp. love the Boucle zip cardi (like I need another one since I already have 951,753). Thanks for the reviews!

  2. Hi, CC! There was nothing else noteworthy, in my opinion. I like it too, but not sure if I would break into a rash from the acrylic in it (long story). :)

  3. I just saw those flats the other day and they are so cute. And you look great in that skirt and jacket. Not everyone could pull that skirt off, and it's very cute for holiday!

  4. I'm a freak - I love acrylic, I find it so comfy to wear!

  5. You and ABC seem to have similar physiques--for a minute I got confused at who's blog pics I was looking at!!!
    Luve all your looks esp. the silver skirt one!

  6. Thanks, Moonlight Serenade! Love the flats!

  7. Hi T.! It's ok if you can wear it. I simply can't.

  8. Hi yogagirl! Not quite, although I can fit into her clothes. One of these days I will have to rummage through her closet! :)

  9. Cute goods. Gap has definitely bumped it up this year.

  10. I agree, gigi! They have some nice finds for reasonable prices!

  11. Those glitter flats are on my wishlist - I don't know why I don't just bite on them, so they are season appropriate and I think Gap makes really comfy flats!

  12. Those flats were the most comfy I've tried on so far!


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