Monday, December 13, 2010

J. Crew - December Edition (II)

Here is the rest of the photos I took on my recent J. Crew store visit. First are the Timber Tweed Pencil skirt in size 2 and the Dream Zip-pocket cardigan in warm taupe and XS. The skirt fitted TTS, while the cardigan was too tight in the sleeves. There wasn't a small one in the store to try on, but I tried an S in the dark cypress version, which I blogged about here. The ballet flats I also blogged about in the same post.

Dream Zip-pocket cardigan
Timber Tweed Pencil Skirt
Leather Classic Ballet Flats

Next off is the Infinity cardigan in wild plum colour and XS size. This was the last in the store, and priced at $39.99. On the website it is $59.99 in this particular colour. Sleeves are too tight, and it is quite long, even for me, at 5'6".

Since I already got the grey Sunnie (see previous post), I thought I should try the yellow one as well. There was no size 2 in the store, so I went up to a 4, but it is too large for me. It is sitting quite low on my waist.

Sunnie Pencil Skirt (watch for pop-backs or check ebay)

Last are the Camofleur Art tee in S and the Vintage Matchstick cords in the dark plum  colour and size 27R. I really liked the cords. They are on sale for $39.99. They fitted identically to the Skinny Leg Matchstick jeans, which I blogged about here.

Other good buys currently:
Vintage military belt
Printed wool wrap
Embellished chambray boy shirt

Feather tippet, anyone? How do you wear something like this?


  1. Love the sunny yellow pencil skirt-beautiful

  2. Ok you just helped me cross off the feather tippet! I have no idea what you do with that thing!

  3. Good stuff. More appetizing photos to prep me for my visit... Hoping sale section will be bulging at U. Village B&M. Thanks for the reviews!

  4. Love the second one!! I would wear it with a pencil skirt or a wide hemmed trouser.

  5. Thanks for visiting, Beth! Love it too!

  6. LOL, tricia! Thanks for visiting!

  7. Hi CC! Is that the largest one? I should go there next. ;) Hope you find some good deals!

  8. Hello, Foxy! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. It's too bad about the sleeves on the cardigans. I especially like the first one. The art tee is kind of nice.

  10. It's all right, Lady C. I ordered an S in that colour and the sleeves are perfect.

  11. Luve your blog and your dressing room "try ons!" I agree that the Infinity Cardi. is just too long! I loved the Michelle Cardi from a a couple years ago and wish they had kept that one as a staple like the Jackies! If that were the case I would've def. gotten the Michelle in that pretty purple color!!!

  12. Thank you, yogagirl! I missed the Michelle cardi, so I have nothing to compare the Infinity one to.


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