Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's Talk Shoes 'N Boot(ie)s

Just a quick post on shoes...  Walked into the first JC store that had shoes other than pumps the other day in Boston. So the first thing I just HAD TO try on were the Coddington pumps.

Boy, did my toes get squished! The toe box is extremely tight. It's not short, just too narrow for my toes. So then the SA offers to bring over an 8 1/2 pair, this time in cobblestone. And here they are on my feet:

I am not sure why I always fall for this.  It has never worked for me before. Size 8 1/2 is TOO BIG for me, as you can see in the close-up. So when people tell you to size up, does it work for you?

Other than that, they were beautiful. If you were thinking of getting them but they didn't work for you,  consider these beauties instead:

Stuart Weitzman Dolly Pumps
 or these:
I found Stuart Weitzman or Cole Haan shoes to always fit me perfectly.

On to booties, I had bought these for everyday wear just before leaving on my trip:
Franco Sarto Stage Bootie (on sale here)

Available in Canada at Freedman Shoes.

The Loft had 40% off selected shoes, so I figured I should give some a try while there. I tried the Serita Ruffle Leather Bootie, priced at $118 minus 40% off right now. They felt OK and the leather is pretty good quality:
Also tried on the Satu Leather Bootie, priced at $118 minus 40% off as well. Not sure why they are called lace-up, because they have an inside zipper. The leather on these was not that good quality.You could tell it came from different lots and so it had different textures.

 I am eyeing these, but not until I can get them on sale:

or these:

Update since I posted the above, I went shopping and found the store had the booties below in black, which I liked better, so I returned the ones I got earlier this week. They felt just as comfortable, even with the slightly higher heel.

What's your favourite bootie this winter?


  1. I am going ga-ga for all of these!!

    Never, ever, ever fall for that "size up" trick. I have done it many times (sometimes just to justify the purchase because the shoes were just too darn hot or pretty to pass up), and each time was with major disappointment. My heels just end up lifting out as I walk, very uncomfortable and annoying.

    I have a wider foot and often miss out on super cute shoes because of it.

    Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

  2. Bummer that the Coddingtons didn't work out for you! They are definitely very beautiful and flattering but comfort has to play a role somewhere. I love the Franco Sarto booties you got -- what a deal! For some reason, even though I love the look of booties, I haven't found any that I like on me yet. The hunt continues..

  3. Ugh, I LOOOOOVE JC shoes but they just don't work for my feet. I have never found a pair except for the Brewster boots that don't have me limping around within a few hours of wear. Those Coddingtons are gorgeous though!

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  5. Hi Andrea! The FS shoes are a deal only if you live in the States! Up here they were still a pretty penny! Good luck in your hunt! :)

  6. Hi Lisa, and thanks for visiting! I found their ballet flats comfy. Also the Bronson booties seem to fit well too.

  7. OneCraftyFox, thanks for visiting! I have the same exact problem with 'sizing up,' so I never buy such shoes.

    Thank you, and hope you are having a great one as well!

  8. Hi PearlsAndGreenTea! Thanks for visiting!

  9. I LOVE those wedges..Im a shoeaholic too!!!

    Stop by and say Hello♥
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  10. Haha, Collette! Who isn't? :)

  11. love them all! BR has some pretty cute ones..

    I like this one a lot:

  12. Hi Moonlight Serenade, and thanks for popping in! Yes, they are cute. I have yet to try shoes in BR in Canada though, since I haven't seen them in the stores here.


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