Thursday, October 28, 2010

Houndstooth Fall 2010

I noticed the houndstooth pattern started appearing all over the place last year, and the trend seems to carry over into 2010. So of course I had to jump on it, albeit just through the texture of the fabric of my skirt. I loved this skirt from the moment I laid eyes on it upon entering Ann Taylor Loft. It's no longer available on their site, but you may be able to find one in the store. It comes in the pink below and in black.

J Crew Perfect Shirt (in Warm Pebble)
Ann Taylor Loft Skirt (more houndstooth pattern skirts here, here or here)
J Crew Belt (similar here and here)
Ann Taylor Loft Bracelet ( similar here, here or here)

Recently I tried a jacket in houndstooth in Banana Republic -- I blogged about this here.

Once I started looking up 'houndstooth' I found all kinds of goodies in this pattern, like this cute handbag:

or coat

or rain boots (I would use these as my gardening boots)

or even a coat & booties for your little pooch!

Do you own anything 'houndstooth?'

Have a good Friday and weekend, everyone!


  1. I do like houndstooth although I don't own anything with the pattern. It's what Sherlock Holmes wears, isn't it? The skirt is really nice.

  2. I don't usually like houndstooth because my mum always wore it but I am swooning over the skirt.

  3. I love the skirt/blouse combo on you. Such a lovely take on the pattern. I had a HT scarf a few years back. Wore it tons then stupidly left it behind in a theatre. That's the last time I had any HT in my wardrobe. Those rain boots are super cute. I'd so do them.

  4. That skirt looks great on you! Such a pretty color. There's a loft around the corner from my office and I always forget to stop in there!

  5. Hi Lady Cardigan! Yes, that would be Sherlock Holmes all right! Thanks!

  6. T: I wasn't crazy about the pattern for a loooong time but I fell for the pink in the skirt!

  7. Hi CC, and thank you! If you get the boots maybe it's time to replenish the wardrobe with a scarf as well! :)

  8. Hi LT, and thanks for dropping in! I always get at least a pair of pants at the Loft! They fit me really well.


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