Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All That Glitters Is Gold

This morning the temperatures dipped to 7 deg. C (45 F) and thought it would be a good day to finally take my Gap Textured Wool Jacket (which I blogged about here) out of the closet and start wearing it. I love this jacket: the fabric, the design, the small brass buttons. And since tonight I went to my friend's book launch and didn't have time to run back home and change, I wore a gold J. Crew T-shirt underneath the jacket, and figured it wouldn't be too shiny for the office.

 J. Crew Gold Tee - 2008(?) (similar here or here)
Tommy Hilfiger Gold Skinny Belt (similar here, here or here)
Ann Taylor Pants (similar on sale here)
Stuart Weitzman Ankle Booties (very similar here but with shorter heel)

Tomorrow very early I will be taking off for Boston and hope to get some shopping in while there.

Hope everyone is having a good rest of the week!


  1. I love the little gold buttons on the jacket. Your outfit looks like it was a perfect transition from work to play. Have a safe trip!

  2. Those are cold temps...love your jacket!!

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  3. I never noticed that jacket before until now - you wear it so well and look great in it!

  4. Great outfit! That IS chilly, when combined with the humidity. Brrrr. Have a great trip and happy shopping!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Andrea! I love them too! And yes, I didn't blind anyone at the office, I promise. :)

  6. Tell me about it, Collette! Thanks for stopping in!

  7. Thanks, Lisa! It is a nice fall jacket I predict I will wear it a lot. :)

  8. Thanks, CC! Luckily I have a thermometer outside the bathroom window so I know what to expect when I go out. Trip didn't start off well, but I finally made it. I missed this evening's shopping because of a cancelled flight. I am not pleased. :|


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