Thursday, September 23, 2010

Speaking Of Tweezers...

Recently some comments on the J. Crew Aficionada blog about the J. Crew $100 tweezers got me thinking about mine, and thought I would share with others about my tweezers by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

They cost only $28 and can be purchased from Nordstrom, Sephora, or even from, separately or as part of a kit. Initially, I bought the largest kit available, called Anastasia All In One 7 Piece Brow Kit ($85) because my neglected eyebrows needed much attention.

It comes with the appropriate stencils for your shape eyebrow to help you tweeze unwanted hairs and also to fill in with the eyebrow powder:

Stencils (available here or here)
Eyebrow powder:

Eyebrow powder (available here or here)

The eyebrow powder comes in various shades to match a variety of complexions. Once the eyebrow powder  is applied with the angled brush below, use the other end to brush out excess powder:

Eyebrow angled/spooley brush (available here)

To set it all properly, especially if you have unruly eyebrows, you can use the gel below:

Brow gel (available here or here)

Recently I have also used this very fine-tipped pencil called Brow Wiz also from the same line:

Personally, I am not sure how I managed (eyebrows) before discovering these products (on Oprah's show).  :)

Have you used this line of eyebrow products or another one? What did you think?

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Great post (great info)! I was born with bushy brows but were "in" thanks to Brooke Shields (back in HS = 80's). Then the 90's came along and minimalism meant more work to groom brows. First pair of tweezers were Revlon's. Then I upgraded to Tweezerman's and still have the same pair after 10 years. Tried gels before but just made my brows look matted down. Thankfully haven't overplucked, so no need for powders...yet.

  2. Thanks, CC! Hope you had a good vacation! I thought I was grooming myself pretty well, until I saw this 'eyebrow guru to the stars' on Oprah. I was quite impressed and rushed out and got her kit. LOL

  3. Great info! I haven't ventured (yet) into powders or pencils, but I can proudly say that I have never had my eyebrows waxed (so terrified they will end up taking half of one off or something, lol), and I think I do a pretty decent job with my hot pink tweezermans. I adore the anastasia brow gel and go through it almost as quickly as my mascara, haha.

  4. I use Lancome tweezers but need some new ones!!

  5. Andrea, this kit is extremely easy to use and there's no waxing involved. The gel is pretty incredible, I think.

  6. Tricia, you won't be disappointed. I got them as b-day presents for 2 of my friends and they loved them! :)

  7. You're welcome, Collette, and thanks for visiting!

  8. First of all--LOVE the new BLOG HEADER and the big white rose background--ROSE!!! As a girl named after a flower too (Heather)we're "flowergirls!"
    Secondly--thanks for all the kind comments and visits on my blog--I really appreciate it--I luve your style too Missy--and glad you;re bloggin' about the Crew!

  9. I didn't even know they made all of this stuff for eyebrows! Thanks for the info! And I love that we both posted about tweezers. LOL!

  10. Yogagirl, thanks for visiting! My good friend ABC made the blog header for me. I fell for the rose background the moment I saw it. Rose is only an alias... not my real name. LOL

    Cheers! I wish I could get to JC more often. :)

  11. Jessica: thanks for visiting! I didn't know either, until then.

  12. I use their eyebrow gel, which I really like and have been using for a while. Glad to hear their other products are good! I'll definitely be checking them out.

  13. Hello, and thanks for stopping by, Moonlight Serenade.

  14. And they're pretty too!! Love the pink.


  15. Hi Jess... yes, very girly! :)


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