Thursday, August 26, 2010

Banana Republic New Arrivals

Thought I'd pop over to BR at lunch today to see what's new.  Immediately a couple of things caught my eye: this herringbone jacket and the silk lace front shell.

The Herringbone Jacket is a blend of cotton/wool 57/43, according to the label. It feels soft and supple. The size I am wearing is a 4 Canadian (which is equivalent to a size 2 in the US). For reference, I take a size 2 in the Drapey Wool Mackenzie jacket from J. Crew.
And here's a close-up of it:

Similar style here and here (cheaper).

The next thing that caught my eye was the Silk Lace Front Shell available here.The pants I am wearing are the Martin fit sleek trouser pant available here. As with all the BR pants, they are too short if I wear any kind of heels, and they are always too wide at the hips.
The silk top was an XS and felt a bit tight across the chest. The S I tried was way too low cut and too wide, so I passed on it. But the detail on it is very pretty:
I plan to visit BR again soon and hope to take some more pictures.


  1. The jacket and top look good on you! i tried on the jacket, but think I need a petite.

    It's funny how each person has a certain "fit" issue. I can't say BR's pants fit me perfectly, but at least they're consistent, and I can find at least one pair of dress pants there each season.

    Thanks for the reviews! I'm staying away from the "store" for now. Gotta save my pennies for some quality basics (hopefully Talbots or BR) ;)

  2. Thank you! I like the jacket, and may get it when it's on sale. Until then, I am saving the pennies for 'the store' next month... or even maybe sooner. There might be a quick trip to CA & AZ to be taken next week. Will find out tomorrow.

    Very few pants fit me well. I best fit into men's pants, but then there is the 'other' dilemma. LOL One pair that was perfection for me was from Theory.

  3. I really like that jacket and I was eyeing up that top too just last night but i can't "import" any more clothes or I'll be homeless.

  4. LOL, T.! It is still cheaper than buying British, IMO. I've seen your prices. Cost me 5BP for the cheapest pair of undies at Heathrow last January. I was stuck there for 2 days, and managed to leave on the 3rd, but that's a story for another post.

  5. Thanks for the pics - the jacket and lace shell are really cute!

  6. Thanks, shopwithm, and thanks for visiting!

  7. That lace tank is really beautiful, what a shame it didn't fit! Thanks for sharing these pictures!

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Andrea!


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